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International Journal of Technology and Management.

Volume 2. Issue 1. June 2017


The International Journal of Technology and Management (IJOTM) is a refereed interdisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing high quality, original and research-based papers addressing issues on policy, technology, e-applications in service delivery, governance, management, analytical sustainable development, innovation and strategies that harness the use of technology in addressing management problems.

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This paper discusses how the school environment affects teachers’ performance in public primary schools in Bugisu sub region in Uganda. e paper is based on research that was conducted in 2015 involving teachers, head teachers, District Education Officers, District Inspectors of schools, and members of the school management committees. Of the 630 subjects who were sampled, 559 returned the survey instrument suggesting a response rate of 88.73%. e school environment was found to have a statistically significant effect (0.000 at p < .05 level) on teachers’ performance. We conclude that an improvement in the school environment leads to a significant increase in teachers’ performance and teachers in Bugisu sub region are at times victims of their work environment. The findings are compared with both local and international empirical studies to suggest policy and managerial recommendations.
SMEs in Uganda are currently the number one employers and contributors to GDP for this pearl of Africa. However business governance challenges faced by these Organisations are slowly decreasing their contribution to the economy. is paper examines how corporate governance practices can enhance the performance of SMEs. Results from a quantitative survey of 100 SME proprietors show that corporate governance increases accountability, effective decision making, fairness and equity and transparency aspects that significantly enhance the profitability of these organizations. Findings further showed that corporate governance infused better management practices, improved decision making, strengthened internal controls and reduced losses in SMEs that applied these principles. is paper advocates for government, business services organizations and commercial banks to provide more awareness , skills training and motivation for SME proprietors and managers in the use of corporate governance principles in their business operations.
As one of the most entrepreneurial nation in the world whose pride is obscured by the unusually high business mortality rates, the complexities faced by SME owner-managers are real and they demand leadership competencies beyond the rudimentary ones when owner-managers start their businesses. Leadership competencies have been proved beyond doubt to be critical factors for owner-managers of SMEs to be successful and to lead their SMEs to play the envisaged role of driving economic development. Using a quantitative and qualitative cross-sectional survey design, this paper sought to highlight the leadership competencies that are climacteric for the growth and survival of Ugandan SMEs. From empirical findings, enabling others to act, modelling the way, encouraging the heart and challenging the process were the most essential leadership competencies for SME owner-managers and inspiring a shared vision were considered to be the least essential. e result of this study can be seen as vital information for business advisors, policy makers and leadership practitioners in SMEs and educators to help them design effective training programs that target enrichment of the enlisted leadership competencies. Explicit implications and suggestions for SMEs through deliberate context specific interventions are proposed.

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IJOTM invites authors to submit their original and unpublished work that communicates current research on computing and ICT both the theoretical and methodological aspects, as well as various applications in real world problems from science, technology, business or commerce.

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