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Aim and Scope

The International Journal of Technology and Management (IJOTM) is a refereed interdisciplinary journal dedicated to publishing high quality, original and research-based papers addressing issues on policy, technology, e-applications in service delivery, governance, management, analytical sustainable development, innovation and strategies that harness the use of technology in addressing management problems.
IJOTM aims at bringing into light those works that lead to sustainable development undertaken across the globe. The state of art innovations within emerging markets are discussed, scenarios demonstrated and solutions provided within the publications presented.  The best practices in management, administration, governance, service delivery and management trends are discussed.
The Journal is intended to present complex and non complex issues surrounding integration of Computing, Technology and Management issues in a multi-disciplinary context. Therefore, it will be of interest to a wide readership cutting across academicians, researchers, policy makers, environmentalists, managers, planners, industrialists, government and NGOs globally, across a range of disciplines.

The main objectives of the journal are:

  1. To publish interdisciplinary and original work of the highest quality from across the globe in the broad areas of Computing, Technology and Management
  2. To disseminate real world problem analyses within developing countries that hinder sustainable development and solutions to them that can bring about poverty reduction and sustainable development.
  3. To investigate strategies for technological applications in addressing  management and development challenges with an impact on better service delivery
  4. To provide a forum for exploring contemporary issues in computing, technology and management by academics, policy-makers, governments, researchers and industrialists.

Editorial & Advisory Boards

Editorial structure
The Editorial Board consists of hard working researchers chosen for their academic merits to serve as ambassadors of the Journal and have a task of developing it together with the Chief Editor. These Individuals have the mandate of refereeing manuscripts, members offering intellectual capital, having networks with fellow academics, practitioners, and establishing Journal policies. Therefore the highly skilled and competent editorial board indicative of the quality of the Journal and serves as the basis for its development.

Structure for the editorial management of the journal

The editorial team is responsible for managing the peer review process and for guiding the development of editorial content. The editorial team will comprise of well recognized personnel from the journal focus research fields of Computing, technology and Management. The editorial structure for this journal will comprise of an Editor-in–Chief, Associate Editor as well as Sub Division Editors and of an Advisory Board.  This form of structure is necessary for this broad-based journal which is spanning a wide range of sub-specialist subject research areas. The structure is often utilized for journals that are interdisciplinary journals and blend different research areas like the content of the current Journal. In such a structure, the Editor in Chief is often relieved from the heavy work load through the delegated teams below them.  Sub Division Editors will take on the responsibility of following all the manuscripts from submission to accept/reject.

Recruitment of the Journal editorial board initially will be by nomination and thereafter, a letter to potential board members explaining the aims & scope, reasons for starting the Journal, how the Journal will be published and a description of the application to manage the peer review process will be sent to them. The editorial board for the Journal will have an international perspective with editors being selected from across the globe. The editors will have a renewable term of 4 years after which a new set of editors will be named

Consideration for nomination will depend on the following;

  1. The board members to reflect the diversity of the Journal’s scope and/or represent different parts of the world satisfactorily
  2. The members must have served on other journals before or currently serving on at least one journal
  3. The board members should know exactly what is expected of them and for how long they will serve
  4. The board members should have a possibility of access to a virtual meeting on a regular basis to discuss editorial policy

Call for Papers

IJOTM invites authors to submit their original and unpublished work that communicates current research on computing and ICT both the theoretical and methodological aspects, as well as various applications in real world problems from science, technology, business or commerce.

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