Effect of Income dynamics on Household Food Security in Rural Communities, Evidence from Uganda

  • Margaret Namubiru Uganda Technology and Management University
  • Willy Ngaka Centre for Lifelong Learning, Makerere University
  • Epiphany Picho Odubuker Muni University
Keywords: Food security


The Objective of the study was to investigate the effect of income dynamics on households’ food security in rural economies with evidence from Uganda. The study was completely a desk review following a descriptive research design. First, the study reviewed empirical studies on income dynamics; and the effect of income on households’ food security in rural areas. This was followed by an analysis of similar variables in Uganda using data from the Uganda National Household Surveys (2005/2006, 2009/2010, 2012/2013 and 2016/2017).
Analytical findings indicated that while rural income is increasing, change in household income fluctuates significantly. Male headed households earn more income than female headed households. Moreover, income is higher in literate households compared to illiterate households. The study further found that while the subsistence sector is reducing in absolute terms, it remains the main source of income to rural households. Additionally, households’ source of income varies from time to time. Study findings on household food security indicated that change in households’ income significantly affect household food security through households’ food expenditure. Change in household expenditure influence access to food, dietary diversity, and consumption. Further observations suggest that external shocks like inflation highly affect household food security in rural areas. The findings further state that rural agricultural programs have a positive correlation with income and household food security. In conclusion, while household income affects household food security in rural areas, the effect significantly vary with income changes. The study recommends for rural income stabilization strategies including economic diversification and commercialization of agriculture.

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