E-Public Staff Management and Performance in Service Delivery: Trends, Issues and Challenges in Tanzania

  • John Samuel Kihamba Dar es Salaam University College of Education, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Keywords: E-public staff management, E-services, E-government, e-Human resources management, Human Capital Management Information System (HCMIS)


The advancement of information and communication technology (ICT) has invariably provided opportunity for emergency of e-human resource management. E-human resource management and in particular E-public staff management is a dramatically re-engineering the public staff management practices and processes in a highly transparent and effective manner. E-public Staff Management is carried under the Human Capital Management Information System (HCMIS) or LAWSON. Moreover, the full interaction within the LAWSON depends on the public leadership and managers’ readiness to change their mind and practices from traditional public staff management (paper work) to new innovative devices - web-based tools to deliver service. In Tanzania e-public staff management stimulated proper recording of staff affairs, besides allowing for better, easy and faster staff information sharing to all public institutions. It has also increased reliability and predictability on the staff services via ICT devices across MDAs when compared with paper work. All MDAs in Tanzania are now applying ICT devices to provide staff services via web-based internet. However, despite the fact that e-public staff management offers many advantages to both public Staff and employing authorities and institutions yet, the effects of e-public staff management is not well known. Therefore, this study was interested in understanding: (i) how electronic public staff management influenced the performance of public organization, (ii what are the organizational effects of e-public staff management on the public service and (iii), what did e-public staff management change public administration, organization structure and interface in an information age. Both primary and secondary data were used in finding answers for the set questions.

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